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45 Days Industrial Training

About our 45 days Industrial Training

Are you ready to take your industrial career to the next level? Look no farther than WebDox Computer Institute’s extensive 45-day industry training institute in Jalandhar. Our programme is designed to provide you with the practical skills and information you need to succeed in today’s competitive industrial world.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

WebDox recognises the value of hands-on training in preparing you for the difficulties of the real world. That is why our programme is designed to offer you with a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Throughout the 45-day programme, you will learn about many industrial areas such as manufacturing processes, automation technologies, quality control techniques, supply chain management, and more.

Expert Guidance:

Moreover, what sets WebDox apart is our commitment to delivering quality education that meets industry standards. Our instructors are seasoned experts with years of experience in their respective professions, guaranteeing that you receive expert supervision throughout the programme. Furthermore, our cutting-edge facilities and equipment provide the perfect environment for immersive learning and skill development.

But our training programme extends beyond technical knowledge. We believe in developing well-rounded individuals who have not just technical abilities but also the soft skills and mentality required to succeed in today’s changing workplace. That is why we place an immense value on communication skills, problem-solving ability, collaboration, and professionalism throughout the programme.

Industry Exposure:

One of the most notable aspects of our 45-day industrial training programme is the chance for industry exposure. You’ll learn about the most recent industrial trends and practices through industry tours, guest lectures, and interactions with industry professionals. This personal experience will not only help you understand the sector, but it will also widen your career network.

Confident Career Ready Professionals:

Upon completion of the programme, you will emerge as a confident and skilled professional prepared to face the challenges of the industrial world head-on. Whether you’re a recent graduate ready to enter the workforce or a working professional hoping to improve your skills and develop your career, WebDox Computer Institute’s 45-day industrial training in Jalandhar is your ticket to success.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to develop your career. Enrol in WebDox Computer Institute’s 45-day industry training programme in Jalandhar today and begin your journey to a brighter future!

Duration of the course:

The duration of this course will be 45 days

Webdox Computer Institute

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Institute Certification

Webdox is an ISO Certified and MSME Registered Computer Institute which is located in Jalandhar. Webdox is a Trademark Owned by Webdox Infotech (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

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