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About this Course:

Welcome to the exciting world of game production using Unity! Join us at Webdox Computer Institute for thorough Unity Game Development  training that will prepare you to build fascinating games. Whether you’re a beginner or an ambitious developer, this course will provide you a solid foundation in Unity game creation.

Objective of this course:

Our Unity Game Development training at Webdox Computer Institute aims to teach students how to design interesting games using the Unity engine. From the fundamentals to advanced approaches, students develop a thorough grasp of game design, programming, and UI design, allowing them to confidently bring their game concepts to life.

Syllabus of this course:

1. Introduction to Unity:

In this module, students will become familiar with the Unity interface, grasp fundamental game development concepts, and acquire proficiency in navigating the Unity editor.

2. Game Design Fundamentals:

The “Game Design Fundamentals” module introduces students to the fundamental principles of game design, including gameplay mechanics, level design, player interaction, and the user experience. They gain knowledge about creating fascinating gaming worlds that fascinate and engage players.

3. Scripting in C#:

In the “Scripting with C#” module, students discover the power of C# scripting within Unity, learning how to transfer their game concepts into code. This lesson provides a strong foundation in C# programming designed specifically for game creation, covering everything from variables and functions to conditional statements and loops.

4. Creating 2D Games:

This module will teach you how to develop 2D games with Unity. Learn how to create 2D sprites, perform physics-based motions, manage collisions, and design simple user interfaces for games.

5. Creating 3D Environments:

Embark on the journey of “Building 3D Environments” as you unlock the secrets of crafting breathtaking landscapes within Unity. Delve into asset integration, lighting techniques, material manipulation, and shader application to sculpt visually captivating game universes.

6. Implementing gamepaly mechanics:

In this module, you’ll learn how to use key game dynamics in practice. Explore character mobility, adversary AI behaviours, physics-driven interactions, and more with hands-on activities. Learn about game genres and how to adapt mechanics to create unique gaming experiences.

7. User Interface Design:

In this module, you will create immersive and user-friendly interfaces for your games. Explore the construction of attractive menus, dynamic HUDs (heads-up displays), health bars, and interactive components to increase player involvement. In this subject, you will learn how to combine aesthetics and functionality to create outstanding gaming experiences.

8. Audio Integration:

Explore “Audio Integration” to understand the relevance of sound in gaming. Learn how to effortlessly include audio effects, background music, and interactive sound features into your games using Unity’s sophisticated audio system. Unleash the power of sound to improve immersion, inspire emotions, and boost your players’ entire game experience.

9. Testing and Debugging:

In this subject, you will improve your abilities to guarantee a smooth gameplay experience. Discover ways for rigorous testing and effective debugging to detect and eradicate issues, resulting in maximum performance and player happiness. Learn about recommended practices for optimising game performance and providing a polished final product that captivates gamers.

10. Publishing and Distribution:

This module will show you the keys to reaching a large audience with your games. Navigate the complexities of packaging and distributing your products across several platforms, including PCs, mobile devices, and the internet. Learn how to prepare your games for release, assuring a smooth deployment and extensive accessibility for enthusiastic gamers everywhere.

Duration of the course :

The duration of this course will be 3 Months

Certification Process :

After successfully completing the Unity Game Development course, students will recieve certification of achievement from Webdox Computer Institute, exhibiting their knowledge and skills in Unity Game Development.

Upon completion, you’ll possess the expertise to develop games using Unity, poised for a rewarding career in game development.


Please note that the coure details and modules can change by  time. So please contact Webdox Inforech Institute for the latest updated information and enrollment details.

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