Android App Development Course in Jalandhar

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Android App Development course in Jalandhar

About Android Development Course:

The Android App Development Course in Jalandhar at Webdox Computer Institute is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to build powerful and attractive Android applications. Which is suitable for both beginners and experienced programmers. Learn the fundamentals and advanced principles of Android app development to create innovative and engaging apps.

Objective of this course:

Join the Webdox Institute Institute for an intensive Android App Development Course in Jalandhar that will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to create strong and engaging Android applications. Whether you are a novice or an experienced programmer, this course will take you from the fundamentals to advanced ideas in Android app development.

Modules you will cover in this course:

1. Introduction to Android Development:-

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Android ecosystem, architecture, and development tools. Seamlessly transition into setting up the development environment and effortlessly creating your first Android application.

2. Java Fundamentals for Android:-

Enhance your Java proficiency and discover its application in Android development. Dive into object-oriented programming, data types, control structures, and other core concepts.

3. User Interface Design:-

Learn the art of efficient Android app design. Discover concepts and design visually attractive user interfaces with XML and Android Studio’s layout editor. Explore numerous UI components and their functionalities.

4. Android Activity and Fragment Lifecycle:-

Explore the lifecycle of Android activities and fragments, learning how to maintain state and make configuration changes. Explore several callback methods for effective app development.

5. Working with Data:-

Master data storage and retrieval using SQLite databases and shared preferences. Discover content providers for inter-app data exchange and learn about network communication over HTTP and RESTful APIs.

6. Building Interactive Apps:-

Become an expert in handling user input by incorporating buttons, text fields, checkboxes, and interactive features into your applications. Implement event listeners and respond well to user actions.

7. Multimedia and Graphics:-

Explore integrating multimedia elements like images, audio, and video into your Android apps. Gain insights into image loading libraries, media playback, and crafting custom graphics.

8. Background Processing and Multithreading:-

Learn the importance of background processing and investigate asynchronous task execution for smooth user experiences. Explore threads, handlers, AsyncTasks, and background services to improve app performance.

9. Introduction to Material Design:-

Learn about Google’s Material Design standards and how to integrate them in your Android apps. Create visually consistent and appealing interfaces.

10. App Deployment and Monetization:-

Learn how to submit your app to the Google Play store. Learn about the submission procedure, app signing, and how to optimise your app listing. Explore monetization methods like in-app purchases and adverts.

11. Debugging and Performance Optimization:-

Learn how to debug and troubleshoot Android apps successfully. Learn how to handle common performance issues and optimise programme speed and memory utilisation.

11. Real-World Project:-

Put your skills to use with a thorough Real-world Android app project. Collaborate with peers, use industry best practices, and learn from experienced instructors.

Begin your Android programming experience at Webdox Computer Institute, where you will learn how to create creative Android applications. Begin your journey to becoming a professional Android developer now!

Duration of the course:

The duration of this course will be 3 Months

Certification Process:

After successfully completing the Android App Development course, students will receive certification of achievement from Webdox Computer Institute, exhibiting their knowledge and  skills in Android Development.


The course curriculum and duration may be changed at the institute’s discretion to improve the learning experience for students.

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