Firebase Training in Jalandhar

Master Firebase: Comprehensive Firebase Training in Jalandhar for Web and Mobile App Development.

firebase training in jalandhar

About Firebase course:

Start an interesting journey with our Firebase Training in Jalandhar at Webdox Infoetch Institute. Explore Firebase’s comprehensive capabilities, including real-time database, authentication, cloud storage, and more. Hands-on projects and professional supervision will teach you how to use Firebase’s features to create scalable and secure online and mobile apps. Furthermore, our professional educators give personalised mentorship to ensure you understand complicated subjects efficiently. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced developer, our Firebase training will provide you with the knowledge you need to thrive in the ever-changing world of online and mobile development. Enrol today to access Firebase’s full potential!

Modules you will cover in this course:

1. Real-time Database:

Learn how to utilise Firebase’s real-time database, NoSQL cloud database that allows you to store and sync data across users in real time.

2. Authentication:

Learn about Firebase Authentication, which allows you to effortlessly authenticate users via email/password, social logins, and more while assuring safe access to your app’s resources.

3. Cloud Storage:

Discover Firebase Cloud Storage, which allows you to securely upload and download data like photographs, videos, and documents to and from the cloud.

4. Firestore:

Explore Firestore, Firebase’s adaptable, scalable database for mobile, web, and server development. Learn about its document-based data approach and advanced querying features.

5. Cloud Functions:

Learn about Firebase Cloud Functions, which allow you to run backend code in response to events triggered by Firebase features and HTTPS requests, allowing serverless computing.

6. Firebase Hosting:

Discover Firebase Hosting, quick and safe solution to host your web app’s static assets (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and dynamic content, complete with SSL encryption and CDN integration.

By learning these modules, you will be able to create powerful and scalable online and mobile apps that take use of Firebase’s capabilities.

Duration of the course:

The Duration of this course wil be 3 months

Certification Process:

After successfully completing the React Native course, students will receive certification from Webdox Computer Institute, exhibiting their knowledge and skills in React Native.

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