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Learn our Comprehensive React Web Development Course with , Redux, Hooks, and Advanced Techniques and More.

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About React Web Development course:

Join Webdox Computer Institute’s React Training in Jalandhar and embark on a transformational journey as you learn one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating interactive user interfaces. This thorough course covers both the foundations of React and advanced subjects including Redux, React Router, Hooks, and Context API. Through hands-on projects and practical exercises, you’ll develop the knowledge and confidence to rapidly design dynamic web apps. Guided by our expert instructors, you’ll easily move between best practices and industry insights, ensuring you’re ready to face real-world development issues. Take your web development skills to the next level with our React training in Jalandhar at Webdox!

Modules you will cover in this course:

1. JSX:

Learn about JSX, a syntactic extension for JavaScript. It allows you to integrate HTML into JavaScript, which is essential for creating efficient React components.

2. Components in React:

Learn about components, which are the basic building blocks of React applications. Learn how to create reusable UI components for better code organisation.

3. State management:

Investigate the complexities of state management with React. Understand how to maintain and update component data for dynamic UI changes.

4. Props in React:

Dive further into props to improve data transmission between components. This allows for the building of adaptive and dynamic React apps.

5. Lifecycle Methods:

Master lifecycle methods, pivotal for performing actions at specific points in a component’s lifecycle. These include initialization, updates, and unmounting.

6. Redux:

Explore Redux, a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. Discover how to successfully manage your application’s state with a single immutable object.

7. React Hooks:

Learn about the Hooks feature, which was introduced in React 16.8. These allow functional components to use state and lifecycle methods that were previously limited to class components.

8. React Router:

Discover React Router, a powerful routing framework. It allows for smooth navigating between various components while retaining a single-page application experience.

9. Context API:

Learn about the Context API, which allows for efficient data sharing between components. This eliminates the need to pass props at each level of the component hierarchy.

These modules collectively equip you with the knowledge and skills required to build versatile and robust web applications using React.

10. Project-Based Learning:

Students create real-world applications using React, starting with simple projects and progressing to more complicated ones to reinforce their react concepts.


To properly study React, you must first understand JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ES6+ capabilities. Knowledge with Node.js, npm, command line fundamentals, Git, and web development ideas is also useful.

Duration of the course:

The Duration of this course wil be 3 months

Certification Process:

After successfully completing the React development course, students will recieve certification from Webdox Computer Institute, exhibiting their knowledge and skills in React development.

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